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If you prefer to not take the 5 ½ week course that our teenagers take, you may choose to take personalized driving lessons instead. You must take the state knowledge (written) test and obtain a learner's permit prior to scheduling driving lessons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you guarantee a license at the end of my lessons?
  • Although we cannot guarantee that you'll do well on your DOL exam, we will teach you the skills that you need to pass the exam and be ticket and collision free. It is up to you to implement the skills that you have been taught.
What is the average number of lessons?
  • It depends on your prior driving experience, age, skill level, and the ability to practice outside of instruction time. Our instructor can better inform you on the first lesson how many more you'll need.
Can I make payments on private driving lessons?
  • You are welcome to make payments for private driving lessons, however your lessons will not be scheduled until paid in full.
Can I use my own car?
  • No. Because of state requirements and liabilities we require all driving lessons to be conducted in our vehicles.
Questions? Please call (509) 737-1011