Safe Driver for Life

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Nine teens died every day last year from motor vehicle crashes. One in 3 teens had been drinking alcohol & 40% of all fatal alcohol related crashes involved teens who were driving under the influence. This is NOT acceptable!!!
If these statistics are going to change, then we have to do a better job of educating our teens and change how the information is being perceived!
A PREMIER Drivers Education will include the mental aspect of driving; the thought process, proper attitudes & behavior, in addition to the skills needed to be a safe, collision-free driver. Numerous vehicle accidents are caused by mental error and lack of judgment. This is where most schools fail. They focus on teaching skills only.
According to the CDC, teen drivers ages 16-19 are 4 times more likely than older drivers to be involved in a crash. Among teen drivers, those that are especially at high risk are males, teens driving with teen passengers, and newly licensed teens. Teenagers tend to underestimate dangerous situations or are not able to recognize hazardous situations. They are more likely to speed and allow shorter distances between cars, thus not allowing their vehicle to have the space cushion that is necessary to prevent a crash. They also have the lowest rate of seat belt use.
Craig has taught many students that they can choose their actions, but they CANNOT choose the consequences. We are committed to teaching our students the consequences of the actions that they choose to take. We will not only focus on teaching your student the skills they need, but instill in them the proper behaviors and attitudes to be safe, proactive and responsible drivers for life.