Our Teens Deserve the Best Drivers’ Training

Posted in Prepared Drivers for Life

Premier Driving School is prepared to give your teen the best education possible. Our certified classes are designed to exceed the strict requirements for teen drivers. Our lessons will cover topics including, The Highway Transportation System; Limited Visibility & Reduced Traction, The Human Factor, Vehicle Maintenance, Basic Maneuvers, Traffic Signs, Lights & Pavement Markings, Sharing the Road, Drugs & Alcohol, Avoiding Accidents & Minimizing Impact and more. Our classes are integrated with the driving time, to enable students to learn about a technique in the classroom and then practice that technique in the vehicle.
Students will participate in the AAA computer simulation program which enables your student to learn how to handle distractions and situations on the roadway while remaining in the safety of the classroom. This has quickly become a very fun & interactive way for the students to gain additional knowledge and insight.