About Us

Our students  learn to be safe drivers.

We teach our students the essential attitudes, knowledge and skills they need to remain safe and collision free now and down the road. 

Premier Driving School offers classes that are designed to provide our students with the knowledge they need to become safe Premier driving instructor with studentdefensive drivers, by incorporating all three styles of learning; visual, auditory and kinesthetic in each lesson.

Premier Driving School maintains the best educators and staff who participate in continuing education on a regular basis to ensure that your student is getting the most current and accurate information possible.

Premier Driving School teaches the mental skills required for safe driving, which includes, how to think behind the wheel, how to plan ahead and how to anticipate the actions of other drivers.

Premier Driving School encourages parents to become an active part of the learning process and teaching them effective ways to coach their new drivers.



Meet  the Premier Driving School team

  Craig & Lorita Haueter own and operate Premier Driving School

 Craig has been working with the youth of our community in various capacities from coaching to teaching for over 30 yrs, which is why he is able to connect with students so quickly, thus creating a positive atmosphere for learning.  He has the ability to engage students and create a fun, thriving learning environment while still maintaining control of the classroom.     The kids love him which is evident in his ever growing “fan club”.  Craig is a DOL State Certified Examiner, Instructor & Trainer.   

Lorita grew up on a farm north of Pasco, and has lived in the Tri-Cities all of her life.  She is the “voice” of Premier Driving School, 95% of the time when you call our office; she is the one you will talk to.  Most of her adult life has been spent working in a medical or business office.  She has also previously owned a company providing pharmaceutical products to various high school and hockey trainers in the U.S. and Canada.  She is fun, cheerful and interacts well with the students.  It’s not unusual to find students hanging out in her office just to talk.  Lorita manages the office & is a DOL Certified Support Staff Member.   Craig & Lorita have 4 adult children and 7 grandchildren. 



Steve Browning – Instructor/DOL Certified Examiner

Steve Browning - Driving Instructor

Steve has been one of our instructors since the day we purchased the driving school.  He is a former police officer and spent time working in both King County & Benton County.  Because of this experience he decided that he wanted to do whatever he could to make the roads safer. He decided one of the best ways to accomplish that goal was to teach Driver’s Education. Steve loves to be around kids and has a very easy going temperament.  Many times I have been told by a student that they were so nervous on their first drive, but they were put at ease almost immediately when getting in the car with him. He likes to tell jokes, and is well known for his dry sense of humor.   He loves sports and you will often find him sitting on the sidelines cheering for our high school teams.


Paul Gessel – Spanish Instructor/DOL Certified Examiner

Paul Gessel - Driving InstructorTeaching just comes naturally to Paul.  He earned his teaching degree from BYU in Provo Utah, and teaches Spanish at Hanford High School.  We have known Paul’s family since he was a young boy, so when he approached us about becoming an instructor we already knew that he fit the criteria we look for.  He loves kids and has spent over 10 years working with them in various capacities including Boy Scouts, umpiring baseball and teaching within the community.  He has a quiet, gentle, kind demeanor and interacts well with the students.  Public safety is very important to him, and he enjoys being able to share a part in that.  He loves being able to teach a skill to the student and watch them progress and eventually reach their goals.  He is very proud of the fact that he has NEVER received a traffic ticket in his life!!  He and his wife have 3 children and he loves being able to spend time with his family.



All instructors at Premier Driving School complete an in depth pre- employment interview which includes demonstrating good moral character, sound judgement and the ability to work with and enjoy people, prior to being considered for employment. Our training program consists of a minimum of 100 hours of training provided by our State Certified Trainer of Instructors. After the completion of this program, each instructor must then pass both a written and driving examination administered by the Washington State Department of Licensing. The DOL will also conduct a thorough background check, which includes submission of fingerprints to the F.B.I. All instructors must have and maintain a clean driving record.